Vietnam Journal: Series Two - Volume 2: Journey Into Hell

Don Lomax's critically acclaimed Vietnam Journal series returns with all new stories.

Scott 'Journal' Niethammer returns to report on the seemingly endless conflict and this time he heads into Cambodia as the incursion of that country is well underway by U.S. and South Vietnamese military forces. He is accompanied by a slightly erratic photographer with the unhealthy attitude that he is impervious to enemy fire when behind the camera's lens. While in Cambodia they meet a pistol packing, single-minded Nun and dozens of ethnic Vietnamese orphans who have been delivered a death sentence by Cambodia's new acting Prime Minister, Lon Nol. With Journal's help they make a desperate race for the border and salvation. Now wanted by the Judge Advocate General's office for questioning, Journal retreats back into Cambodia hoping the farce will all blow over. But he meets a female reporter as much an outcast from the mainstream media as he. Their similarities create a bond until the war finds a way to force the heavy hand of horror into their fledgling relationship. And lastly, racism and drugs rear their ugly heads as rear echelon U.S. troops are moved forward in a support capacity for the line troops. Their real world prejudices and minimal training threaten to rot the core of the effort from the inside out.

Collects Series Two comic book issues #6-10.

"Lomax bases his fictional work on his real experiences in Vietnam in 1966, with powerful results. It is Lomax's concern for average soldiers that, in the end, makes his work significant." - Publishers Weekly.

"Vietnam Journal by Don Lomax is the best comic book portrayal of Vietnam I have ever read. It's probably one of the best works ever put down in any art form about the war." - Daniel Robert Epstein.

123 pages. Black and White

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