Sherlock Holmes: On the Air

All new Sherlock Holmes adventures as taken from audio scripts of radio shows that have been syndicated by Imagination Theater. In these all new adventures of the great consulting detective, writers Steven Philip Jones and Matthew J. Elliot manage to honor the world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle while creating rich and exciting tales. Each tale is accompanied by an original illustration by Joshua Werner, and an introduction from Larry Albert, the voice of Dr. Watson on the radio series. Contained within are FOUR tales:

THE ADVENTURE OF THE BORGIA RING - Judith Oxley wants to hire Sherlock Holmes to find her missing father, Lord Oxley, along with their family’s prize possession, the Akbar Shah diamond. Holmes is a struggling consulting detective – this adventure takes place before he meets Watson – but before he can accept the case, Inspector Lestrade arrives to ask for his help with a murder investigation: Lord Oxley has just been found dead.

THE ADVENTURE OF THE IRREGULAR CLIENT - Fifteen years ago, Duffey was one of the Baker Street Irregulars, but today she is all grown up, working as a housemaid, and accused of stealing from and murdering one of her employers, Mrs. Rosemary Gudgeon. Duffey’s other employer, Mr. Watney Gudgeon, is missing and believed murdered as well, but Holmes will prove Duffey’s innocence.

THE ADVENTURE OF THE PETTY CURSES - Sir Malcolm Angus-Burton, adviser to the Queen on matters of China, insists his Egyptian wife, Halima, has put a curse upon him. With Watson by his side, Holmes tracks the true culprit – the Angus-Burton’s butler Tseng to London’s docklands and a stronghold of the Chinese criminal organization known as The Triad.

A CASE OF UNFINISHED BUSINESS - Soon after Watson returns from the Reichenbach Falls, a former classmate, American Lot Morrill, pays a call. Their visit is cut off by Lestrade, who needs Watson’s assistance in a delicate matter. The body of one of Moriarty’s lieutenants, Harsh Washburne, has been discovered. Watson attempts to unravel the mystery of Washburne’s death and its unusual link to his old friend Morrill.

173 pages. Black and White

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