Coal Miners vs. Biblical Creatures!

All new tale picking up from where the critically acclaimed CARBON graphic novel left off. Jacob "Heat" Hatfield leads Eden's survivors away from a liquefied sea of burning coal but the chaos of a rapidly accelerating environmental disaster threatens to engulf the Earth. With the cryptic message of "Go to the Burning Spring. Make Red Salt," the survivors race ahead of a double threat of the carbon demons and the new militia created by the government.

Collects comic book issues #1-6.

"This cautionary tale of sacrifice undertaken by people who never asked to be heroes will, simply, take your breath away...the artistry is unparalleled, action and color leaping from every panel, and the narrative, riveting."- Marc Harshman, Author of Believe What You Can, Poet Laureate of West Virgina

"I'm giving copies of both SALT and CARBON to all my Hollywood friends in hopes of bringing this truly original Apocalyptic Epic to the Screen!"- Darrell Fetty, producer, Hatfields & McCoys, Texas Rising.

147 pages. Color

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