Last on the List

For fans of Goodfellas, The Godfather, and The Irishman!

You can't go against the mob.

He's a contract killer and he's an unlucky bastard. He made a mess of a simple job and Momo, his Boss, gives him a last chance to remedy and save his life. But he's a perpetual loser and his chronic clumsiness creates a pile of dead bodies. Now he's a sitting duck for Momo's gang.

In a secondary story, “WOPS” - Don Palermo is dead, long life to the new Godfather! But leading the Family is for "real men" and the new Boss has secrets that make his way of life too "difficult" for the Mob. This is the story of the brief and tragic reign of a new Mafia Godfather, lasting only a few hours. It’s a family drama narrated with cruel irony.

Last on the List, is a set of bloody tales with sharp dialog and black humor that carries readers to a pyrotechnic conclusion.

63 pages. Color

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