Vampire and monster hunter in the Old West!

Meet Christian Savage, vampire hunter in the wildest back-lands of the Wild West. Abandoned by his parents at birth and raised by a kindly priest, Savage tried hard to keep on the straight and narrow. But the temptations of the Dark Side proved too strong, and his sins cost him the life of his guardian and only friend, Father O’Toole. Now, with Father O’Toole’s spirit to offer support and companionship, Savage roams the countryside ridding the frontier of the supernatural enemies of civilization, making the West safe for god-fearing people once again. Eventually his search for the leaders of this evil scourge brings him to the last two people he ever expected to meet.

Also included in this graphic novel is "Bounties: The Candy Heiress" - when a naive, sheltered young woman goes out West for adventure, she quickly finds more than she can handle! It’s up to bounty hunter Saddlebag Jones to help her out and get her home.

Written by R.A. Jones (MARVEL's Wolverine/Captain America).

Collects comic book issues #1-4.

125 pages. Black and White

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