Vietnam Journal: Book 3 - From the Delta to Dak To

The acclaimed comic book war series from Don Lomax, nominated for a Harvey Award, is now presented as a series of graphic novel volume collections. Vietnam Journal is a look at the Vietnam War through the eyes of a war journalist Scott Neithammer, a freelance reporter the troops have nicknamed "Journal". As an embedded reporter, Neithammer has a single minded focus and obsession to report the controversial war from the "grunt’s" point of view and to hell with the consequences. It chronicles the lives and events of soldiers on the front line during the Vietnam War.

This volume collects the whole saga of the "From the Delta to Dak To" in its entirety. The events include the "Brown Water Warriors" to the "Path of Reeds" plus embedded news reporter 'Journal' is exposed to the horrors of Dak To and Hill 875. Comic book issues #9-12.

Vietnam Journal was picked as Entertainment Weekly’s “graphic novel you should own".

138 pages. Black and White

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